Tree Trimming

Quality tree trimming in Holmen

The next time you need a reliable tree trimming service in the Holmen area, call the experts at CrosseRoads Tree Service. We do quality work at a reasonable price, and we have the experience needed to make sure your trees are trimmed right. We are available for one-time service or regular maintenance, depending on what you need. 
We look forward to working with you, and handling your tree trimming needs!

Get in touch with our office staff today at 608-769-4877, to learn more about the options for service.
Man cutting trees using an electrical chainsaw

Why Trim Trees?

Tree trimming is more than just an "extra" service, it actually works to protect the health of the tree. Proper trimming not only makes the trees look more appealing, but can also help protect against bugs and disease. Preserve your investment by setting up a regular tree trimming schedule. 

Call our expert staff today for details and a FREE ESTIMATE!

Tree Trimming

We at CrosseRoads Tree Service will work with you to come up with a tree trimming plan that makes sense for the types of trees you have on your land. Not all trees should be trimmed at the same time, and we know the seasonal needs of each variety. Our company is neat and professional, so you don't have to worry about post-trimming clean up.

Branch Emergencies

At CrosseRoads Tree Service, we know that there can be times where a branch will need to be removed quickly. If a large branch dies, or is broken in a storm, it may be a safety concern. Contact us to come out and take it down for you at a reasonable cost. 

We are always happy to help make sure your property is safe, and your trees stay healthy!
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