Stump Removal

Stump removal in Holmen

In addition to tree maintenance services, CrosseRoads Tree Service also offers professional stump grinding and removal to customers in the Holmen area. Since we do this type of work all the time, we can take care of things quickly and safely. Whether you have one stump to take out or ten, we can get the job done. Removing stumps not only makes a visual improvement in the landscape, but it also makes it safer. 

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Man cutting a tree branch with chainsaw

Stump Removal

CrosseRoads Tree Service is experienced with all kinds of stump removal. We have the tools to make this difficult job easy, and to completely remove stumps from the ground. We offer this service as a stand-alone, or in tandem with our tree removal service, depending on what you need. Why attempt this work yourself when you can hire a professional to take care of it quickly, and for a reasonable price? 

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is done with a specialized tool, which breaks down the stump material for easy removal. We are able to remove everything from a small stump to one from a large tree.

Professional Work

When you hire CrosseRoads Tree Service to handle your stump grinding and removal, you can count on getting a professional result. When we take out a stump, we remove it completely, leaving the ground  free of tree materials. You can count on us.
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